Women Helpline Number 181

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    Women Helpline is intended to provide 24 hours assistance and emergency response to women affected by violence. The helpline also provides information about women related government schemes programs across the country through a single uniform number. Wholistic aim of women helpline is to reduce the incidence of mortality, morbidity, malnutrition and school dropouts.
    Women Helpline (WHL) has been operational in Haryana since  3rd December 2018 to provide integrated support and assistance to women affected by violence, both in private and public spaces under one roof.

    • Women Helpline 181 became functional on 3rd December 2018.
    • It has been set up under the scheme of Universalization of Women Helpline to provide 24 hours immediate and emergency response to women affected by violence through referral (linking with appropriate authority such as Police, One Stop Centres, Hospital, Legal aid through DLSA) and information about women related Government schemes and programs.
    • Staff of WHL stays with the caller till the problem of survivor reaches to a logical end/ conclusion. Feedback is also taken by the staff of WHL on daily and weekly basis to ensure the safety of women.
    • Staff under WHL are gender sensitive and each and every call is important for them.
    • Women Helpline 181 has been set-up at Mahila Police Station, Sector 5, Panchkula.
    • Women Helpline 181 scheme is 100% sponsored by the Centre Govt., New Delhi (MWCD) under Nirbhaya Fund.
    • Staff of Women Helpline 181 is specialized in crime against women. All the Call Respondent staff of WHL 181 has qualification of M.S.W/ L.L.M with vast experience in dealing with women related issues
    • WHL 181 was operational during COVID-19.
    • Sakhi Dashboard is updated on call to call basis regularly. Daily and weekly feedback is also taken by the staff of Women Helpline – 181.


    1. Provide 24-hour toll-free emergency and non-emergency response through telephonic short-code 181 to women, both in public and private spaces.
    2. Facilitate intervention through agencies such as Police/ Hospitals/ District Legal Service Authority (DLSA)/ Protection Officer (PO)/ One Stop Center (OSC).
    3. Provide information about support services, government schemes and programmes available to the women.