Juvenile Justice Board

    Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) is the concerned authority to deal with Children in Conflict with Law (JCL). JCL means a child who is alleged to have committed an offence.

    • The State Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette, constitute for a district or a group of district specified in the notification, one or more Juvenile Justice Boards for exercising the powers and discharging the duties conferred or imposed on such boards in relation to Juvenile in conflict with law under this act.
    • A Board shall consist of a metropolitan magistrate or a judicial magistrate of the first class, as the case may be, and to social workers of whom at least one shall be a women, forming a Bench.c
    • Any child in and with conflict law is produced before JJB with in 24 hours of custody. JJB further does enquiry of the case and takes the decision in best interest of the Child.
    • Children in conflict with law who enter the juvenile justice system through JJB, require residential care and protection during pendency of any inquiry are facilitated in Observation Homes.
    • And the children in conflict with law committed by JJBs who requires long term rehabilitation and protection are sent to Special Homes. To take care and to protect these children, state govt. is running four Observation Homes and one Special Home as under: –

    Observation Home , Ambala (Boys) With Capacity of 44

    Observation Home , Faridabad (Boys) with Capacity of 25

    Observation Home , Hissar (Boys) with Capacity of 44

    Observation Home , Karnal (Girls) , (Nari Niketan Campus) with Capacity of 25