Working Women Hostel


With the progressive change in the socio-economic fabric of the country more and more women are leaving their homes in search of employment in big cities as well as urban and rural industrial clusters. One of the main difficulties faced by such women is lack of safe and conveniently located accommodation. The Government of India being concerned about the difficulties faced by such working women, introduced a scheme in 1972-73 of grant-in-aid for construction of new/ expansion of existing buildings for providing hostel facilities to working women in cities, smaller towns and also in rural areas where employment opportunities for women exist. Based on an evaluation of the existing scheme and suggestions received from the Standing Committee of Parliament on Empowerment of Women, the scheme has been revised to promote availability of safe and conveniently located accommodation for working women who need to live away from their families due to professional commitments.


The objective of the scheme is to promote availability of safe and conveniently located accommodation for working women, with day care facility for their children, wherever possible, in urban, semi urban, or even rural areas where employment opportunity for women exist. To achieve this objective, the scheme will assist projects for construction of new hostel buildings, expansion of existing hostel buildings and hostel buildings in rented premises. The working women’s hostel projects being assisted under this scheme shall be made available to all working women without any distinction with respect to caste, religion, marital status etc., subject to norms prescribed under the scheme. While the projects assisted under this scheme are meant for working women, women under training for job may also be accommodated in such hostels subject to the condition that taken together, such trainees should not occupy more than 30% of the total capacity the hostel and they may be accommodated in the hostels only when adequate numbers of working women are not available. Children of working women, up to the age of 18 years for girls and up to the age of 5 years for boys may be accommodated in such hostel with their mothers.


Following categories of working women and their will be covered under this Scheme: (i) Working women, who may be single, widowed, divorced, separated, married but whose husband or immediate family does not reside in the same city/area. Particular preference may be given to women from disadvantaged sections of the society. There should be also provision for reservation of seats for physically challenged beneficiaries. (ii) Women who are under training for job provided the total training period does not exceed one year. This is only on the condition that there is vacancy available after accommodating working women. The number of women under training for job should not exceed 30% of the total capacity. (iii) Girls up to the age of 18 years and boys up to the age of 5 years, accompanying working mothers will be provided accommodation, with their mothers. Working mothers may also avail of the services of the Day Care Centre, as provided under the scheme.

Financial Assistance Components

(a) 75% of the cost of construction of the building of working women hostel only on public land.
(b) Financial assistance for hostels to be run in rented premises. Amount of rent shall be as assessed by the State PWD/District Collector. The rent received from the inmates shall be utilized for maintenance, house-keeping, security service, office establishment, expenditure towards water and electricity charges and any other support services other than mess. B(c) One-time non-recurring grant at the rate of Rs.7500/- per inmate at the time of commencement of the hostel for purchase of furniture (including bed, table, chair, almirah etc.) and furnishings. (d) Grant of up to Rs.5.00 lakh for the purposes of maintenance and repair of hostel building constructed under the scheme, subject to the satisfactory performance of the hostel for more than 5 years immediately preceding the application for such grant. (e) A matching grant (50:50) for building construction may be offered to the corporate houses under the Scheme on public land only. For the component of corporate partnership, a Tripartite MoU indicating financial contribution of each partner along with responsibilities of monitoring and periodic evaluation of the scheme shall be signed among the Govt. of India, State Govt. and the partner organisation as and when such proposal is received. A model tripartite MoU will be developed in due course in this regard . (f) The inter-se allocation for plan fund under this scheme shall be in the ratio of 87% for construction grant including furnishing, 10% for rented accommodation, 2.50% maintenance and 0.5%evaluation of scheme. However, Ministry of WCD shall have discretion to change inter-se allocation, if required.