Women Training-cum-Production Centre & STipendary Scheme

Eligibility criteria and other conditions for obtaining financial assistance are given under the following rules notified vide No. 3040-SW (3) 03 dated 19th December,2003.The rules notified as referred to above are reproduced as below: In pursuance of Punjab Govt., Finance Department letter No.5426-FR-I-58/10569 dated the 3rd July, 1958, and in super session of notification No. 229/SW(3)95 dated 17-4-95 the

Governor of Haryana is pleased to make the following rules, namely, “Rules Governing Grant-in-Aid by Directorate of Women and Child Development, Haryana,” under the Women & Child Development Department , Haryana to Voluntary Welfare Organizations. to the rules contained in rule 8.14 of Punjab Financial Rules, Volume I (As amended from time to time).

Governor of Haryana is pleased to make the following rules, namely, “Rules Governing Grant-in-Aid by Directorate of Women and Child Development, Haryana,” under the Women & Child Development Department , Haryana to Voluntary Welfare Organizations. to the rules contained in rule 8.14 of Punjab Financial Rules, Volume I (As amended from time to time).

A. Eligibility for Agency/NGO/Corporation:

Any voluntary / semi government / welfare organization / training and research institute operating in Haryana State which may render welfare services to women, children and adolescents and / or conduct research studies, marketing research, impact assessment and evaluation studies, providing trainings to women and adolescents for capacity building and income generation activities, or are involved in advocacy missions, SHG formation and Nurturing, social mobilization and movements against the social evils responsible for the lower status of women and girl child, are eligible for Grant-in-aid. The organization may be providing welfare services to women and children like running crèches for pre school centres, recreational and educational centres like hobby classes or children libraries, youth hostel, clubs, Kishori programmes, craft centres, social education and awareness generation centres providing condensed courses for training women or working in the field of advocacy campaign or social mobilization for eradicating social evils like dowry, female foeticide, low level of female literacy, violence against women etc

B. The Necessary Conditions for Eligibility :

The Institutions eligible for grants-in-aid should:

i) Be non-sectarain, offering services to its beneficiaries irrespective of caste, colour or creed and subject to constitutional provisions with regard to schedule castes, scheduled tribes, backward and other classes;

ii) Be registered under the Registration of Societies Act, XXI of 1860, or other appropriate Act;

iii) Have a regularly constituted Managing Body or Trust.

iv) Be an institution of established standing of not less than three years – this condition may be waived off by the Government at its discretion, particularly in respect of rural areas where the need for social welfare services is urgent.

v) Have tangible assets, equipment and trained personnel

vi) Have capacity to carry out the proposed scheme for development and/ or have capacity for raising matching contribution, maintaining the present level of activities and meeting expenditure thereon; and

vii) Have the ability to justify the need for a particular service in its area ensuring the avoidance of duplication of similar service within a reasonable distance.

C. Conditions attaching to the grant -

(a) Unless it is otherwise ordered by the Government, every grant made for specific objects is subject to the following implied conditions: -

(i) The grant sanctioned will be utilized on the activity within one year from the date of sanction.

(ii) That any portion of the amount sanctioned which remains un-utilized will be surrendered to the Government.

(b) The institution receiving the grant-in-aid will make its services available to all communities irrespective of religion, caste, colour or creed.

(c) Exercise utmost economy in all its expenditure, purchase of material/ equipment and salaries of its employees.

(d) Submit a statement of accounts by a registered Chartered Accountant. The statement should cover the expenditure against the normal activities of the institution for the past year amended, vide No. 5075-SW-4-70, dated 18th November, 1970, (Copy of Notification is attached with the sample), or get the accounts audited by a Government Auditor or a Senior Auditor of the Finance Department, Treasury and Accounts Branch on payment of the usual fee. In case of grant-in-aid not exceeding Rs.1000/- the accounts may be audited by a qualified Auditor instead of a Registered Accountant. In the case of small institutions which can afford to obtain the services of a registered Accountant or other recognized body of Auditors, the sanctioning authority may exercise its discretion of exempting such institutions from the submission of accounts audited in this fashion.

(e) Maintain separate accounts for the grant received from the Government in order to facilitate inspection of such accounts by a representative of the State Government.

(f) Furnish to the State Government a certificate from a Registered Accountant/Qualified Auditor to the effect that the grant has been utilized for the purpose for which it was released and that the conditions attached to grant-in-aid have been fulfilled.

(g) Submit a quarterly report to the Government with regard to progress of the work undertaken by the organization.

(h) In case of sanction of a capital nature for special purposes, the grantee shall produce accounts together with all relevant papers for inspection by the India Audit Department as and when required to do so.

II Area of Work/Specialisation

The interested organizations with relevant experience and expertise as desired by the Govt. of Haryana from time to time should submit detailed information relating to background of the organization, registration, staff strength, governing / executive body etc; Area of expertise, training capabilities - human resource expertise, trainings conducted in the past, training infrastructure available with the organization at their head quarter; willingness to work in the field i.e. at the district/block/ village level, undertaking pre and past training activities like process monitoring, evaluation and documentation etc.

Procedure for applying for Grant-in Aid -

Applications for grant of financial assistance under the rules should be submitted to the Director , Women and Child Development, Haryana Chandigarh on the prescribed form. The application will be submitted to Child Development Project Officer who will forward it to District Programme Officer, ICDS Cell of the district concerned with recommendations . Programme Officer has been assigned the task of proper inspection and recommending the application as a District Level Authority by the State Govt.. Programme Officers are required to monitor closely the activities of Voluntary Organizations. The recommendations of concerned Deputy Commissioner are required for NGOs seeking assistance for the first time or the second, the Programme Officer would forward the case to concerned Deputy Commissioner for recommendation. For all other cases the recommendation of Programme Officer is sufficient.

Women & Child Development Department will examine such applications and submit the same before the screening/selecting committee. The committee will recommend the Projects and submit the same to the Finance Department for its concurrence

IV Authority competent to sanction grant

The Administrative Department in consultation with the Selection Committee and the Finance Department shall be competent to sanction the grant. The payment of grant-in-aid will be governed by Rule 8.14 of Punjab Financial Rules Volume – I.

A. While according sanctions to grant-in-aid, the suggestions contained in letter of the Punjab Government Finance Department (letter No.5426-FR-10569 dated 3rd July, 1958) shall be kept in view. The quantum of grant-in-aid will depend upon the special needs of the different districts with particular reference of their backwardness and the number of Voluntary Welfare Institutions already functioning there.

B. Before sanctioning the grant-in-aid, Government will satisfy itself that:

(a) In the case of grants of a capital nature sanctioned for special purposes the sanctioning order contains a clause to the effect that the accounts together with all relevant papers, shall be produced for inspection by the Audit Team as and when required;

(b) While according sanctions to the grant-in-aid the suggestions contained in the Finance Department letter No. 5426-FRI-58/10569, dated 3rd July, 1958 are kept in view;

(c) The designation of the government servant by whom the bill is to be countersigned for the sum exceeding Rs.5,000/- is specially mentioned in the sanction order as required, - vide rule 8.14 Punjab Financial Rules, Volume – I;

(d) Adequate arrangements have been made for the internal and local audit of the institution to which grant-in-aid exceeding Rs.10,000/- are released;

(e) If the institution ceases to function or discontinues the activities for which grant is sanctioned, assets created with the grant will be the property of the government.

VI Communication of Sanctions -

The sanction shall be Communicated to Audit Officer through the Finance Department.

VII Mode of Payment-

The Accountant General shall issue payment authority in accordance with the provisions contained in Rule 4.4 of subsidiary Treasury Rules to the Treasury Office concerned under intimation to the grantee. The grantee shall obtain payment by presenting the bill or duly countersigned bill necessary at the treasury.

VIII Execution of Bond -

The grantee(s) shall be required to furnish an indemnity bond in the prescribed format at appendix. The bond makes it mandatory for the grantee to fulfill all the conditions attached to the grant, to refund the amount of grant already paid in the event of non-fulfillment of the conditions and to abide by the decision of the authority releasing the grant-in-aid.

IX Periodical Inspection of Accounts - The Directorate shall conduct periodical examination of accounts and progress reports submitted by the grantee to satisfy itself that the conditions attached to the grant are being fulfilled and the amount sanctioned is utilized for the purpose for which it was sanctioned.

X A certificate of proper utilization of the grant -

At the end of the financial year, the Sanctioning Authority/ Head of Department shall furnish the utilization certificate in the following form: Having due regard to the conditions laid down in the Rules governing grant-in-aid to Voluntary Welfare Organizations and the conditions specified in the letter of sanction, it is clarified:-

That the conditions attached to the grant-in-aid have been duly fulfilled by the grantee;

That the amount of the grant has been utilized on the object for which it was sanctioned, within the prescribed time frame and within a reasonable time where no limit has been fixed.

That the full amount (to be specified) representing the portion of the grant which is not ultimately required for expenditure and / or which has been spent within a specified time/ reasonable time has been surrendered to Government and deposited into Government Treasury, - vide Challan No. _______________________________ dated _________________.

XI Authority competent to declare the grant recoverable and to blacklist the organization - If it is established through enquiry or other means that the grant money has not been used for the purpose specified, or otherwise misused or conditions of grant violated, the Secretary to Government, Haryana, Women and Child Development Department, Haryana Govt. shall be competent to declare the grant recoverable and the organization to whom such grant was sanctioned would be required to deposit the same alongwith interest as prescribed. The organization can be blacklisted and debarred for further grants.

XII Mode of recovery - The grantee shall be required to deposit the amount into the Government Treasury under the receipt Head : “0235-Social Security & Welfare-D-Social Welfare – Other receipts.”

XIII Bar for future grants – An organization found guilty of non fulfillment of the above conditions or of having misused the grant or used the grant money for purpose other than for which it was sanctioned, shall be debarred from being considered eligible for Government grant-in-aid for such period as may be decided by the Government. The period will be for not less than five years in any case and it would also be required to refund the amount of grant already paid at the present rate of interest