Kishori Shakti Yojana In Haryana

In Haryana (Kishori Shakti Yojana) KSY scheme was first introduced in the year 1993-94 in four blocks of Sirsa District it was called as “Adolescent Girls scheme”. Thereafter in the year 2000 the scheme was renamed as Kishori Shakti Yojana and was further extended in years 2002-03, 2005-06 and at present, when SABLA scheme is launched in 6 districts (41 blocks), KSY is being implemented in 87 ICDS Projects with an objective to improve the health and nutritional status of adolescent girls in the age group of 11-18 yrs.

Those adolescent girls who have never gone to school or are school dropouts in the age group 11-18 years are provided required literacy and numeracy skills through non formal stream of education and a desire is aroused in them for more social exposure so that they can take their decision independently. These girls are also trained and equipped to improve and upgrade home based and vocational skills.

Services under the scheme are provided through formation of Balika Mandals for six months in 10% Anganwadi Centers of each block. The adolescent girls are also provided SNP@5.00 per girl per day. At present 1541 Balika Mandals have been formed in 87 blocks of the state.

To provide the said training and knowledge regarding significance of personal hygiene, environmental sanitation, nutrition, home nursing, first aid, communicable diseases, family life, child care, rights and duties and impact of this on quality of life a platform is provided through this scheme as adolescent girls registered in a Balika Mandal are gathered together in one place for this purpose. Health check up of adolescent girls especially Hb check is done through trained Medical Officers and are advised accordingly regarding taking good care of their health, giving a good impact on health awareness.

Through vocational training and upgradation of skills girls are able to earn for their living and become economically independent. Their decision making ability is improved and are provided good exposure towards their rights and duties towards society.

Besides above, adolescent girls are provided supplementary nutrition as a main component of the scheme.

Iron and Folic acid tablets are provided through Health Department as per the requirements and health check up done by MOs of adolescent girls. Hence the scheme goes a long way in providing different benefits to adolescent girls.

It is also mentioned that for effective implementation of the programmes and other related schemes of the department and to lend necessary resource support to the Gram Panchayat and its sub-committee for effective discharge of the functions assigned to them, adolescent girls alongwith members of Balika Mandals under KSY are included as members of village Level Committee and Sakshar Mahila Samooh (a group of educated women formed in every village). Sakshar Mahila Samooh (SMS) would have a Steering Committee of ten members, five being the most educated women of the village who would co-opt another five adolescent girls studying in 11th or 12th class who would become an important vehicle for the village committee to generate awareness on key issues of sex ratio, literacy, universalisation of elementary education, health and nutrition, opportunities for economic empowerment for women, hygiene sanitation and environment and schemes run by the Government for women, girls, children and village community.

For all the above objectives, the scheme is being implemented in 87 ICDS Projects in Haryana State as per norms and guidelines of Govt. of India.

Detailed expenditure under Balika Mandal scheme is as follows:-


All registered girls are also provided Supplementary Nutrition @ Rs. 5/- per day per girl (20 girls per Balika mandal for 300 days in a year) as per norm of GOI. 30820 AGs are benefitted under SNP component upto March-2013.


The village Anganwadi Worker is the regular honorary instructor for Balika Mandal, and is paid honorarium of Rs. 150/- per month.

The guest lecturer/craft person as resource person are also invited for the purpose of guidance and training once in a month, who is given Rs. 50/- (per Balika Mandal)

Beside this the GOI has provided Rs. 1000/- (only one time per Balika Mandal) for purchasing initial equipment and materials like wooden planks, small tools, frames, paper, cloth, marking chalks, measuring tapes, needles thread, brushes, colours, recreational instruments like dholak etc. and Rs. 50/- (per month per Balika mandal) for replenishment of material. 30820 AGs are benefitted under training component upto March-2013 IFA SUPPLEMENTATION Emphasis is given on nutrition and health status of adolescent girls. Iron and Folic acid supplement alongwith deworming interventions and nutrition and health education is provided by forming Balika Mandals. 30570 AGs have been provided IFA Supplementation upto March, 2013.