Improving Infant & Young Child feeding Scheme

Malnutrition, poor maternal and adolescent nutrition, gender discrimination are major problems which require immediate attention and addressed to as every fourth infant born in India has Low Birth Weight & every second child is malnourished, reflecting inadequate caring practices related to health, hygiene, infant and young child feeding, care of girls and women.

According to NFHS-III, in Haryana breastfeeding within one hour was initiated by 22.3% percent of infants and only 17%% infants of 0-3 months are exclusively breastfed. Breastfeeding is a critical entry point for ensuring children’s rights to grow and develop to their full potential.

In a study conducted by IBFAN, it has been revealed that universal exclusive breast feeding for the first six months is the single most effective child survival intervention - it reduces under –5 mortality by 13%. Further, complementary feeding along with breast feeding upto 2 years prevents deaths by 6%.

Position of optimal infant and young child feeding practices is crucial for preventing malnutrition, infant mortality and for promoting integrated early child development for which the scheme for Improving Infant and Young Child Feeding has been sanctioned in the year 2005-06 by the State Govt.


I. To give training to grass root level ICDS functionaries on Infant and young child feeding practices.

II. To generate awareness on Infant Young Child Feeding Practices.

Target Group

• CDPOs, Supervisors, AWWs, SMS,SHGs and ASHA.