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Vision & Objective

To Provide a platform for showcasing the products made by women of Haryana. The Website does not provide option to book a product online, but provide themobile number of Women entreprenuer / Self Help Group / Individual Women providing product or services.

Registration Process

Any women providing service / product can register herself by downloading the registration process from this website , filling the neccessary details and sending it through mail on . For updation there are various types of formats which can be

De- Registration Process

In case one wants to withdraw the her registration, one can deregister herself by filling neccessary details. Please note that for de-registration , the signatureswould be tallied and SMS would be sent to requester for ensuring that request from only authorized person is accepted.

Success Stories

To encourage the women, the success stories are invited from the Women entrepreneurs / Self help group/ individual women who have gained acceleration in the business from this initiatives.The success stories can be sent to email with the subject Success Stories.