Surakshit Bhavishya Yojna

State Govt. has started a new scheme namely ‘Surakshit Bhavishya Yojna’ for the Welfare of Anganwadi Workers and Helpers w.e.f. 1-1-2008, under which Rs.100/- will be invested to LIC every month out of which Rs. 83/- is in the form of saving and Rs. 17/- is as risk premium for an Anganwadi Worker and Helper who has completed one year of her service. Under this scheme Rs. 50000/- will be given to Anganwadi Worker/Helper on her sudden death in terms of insurance and accumulated amount of savings i.e. Rs. 83/- p.m. will be deposited every year, which will be given to her with interest at the age of 60 years on her retirement. A sum of Rs.1995.93 lac has been spent under this scheme from the year 2007-08 to December, 2012.The year wise detail of financial and physical achievement is as under:-

In its capacity as a nodal agency looking after the advancement of women and children, the Department formulates plans, policies and programmes and coordinates the efforts of both government and non-governmental organizations working in the field of women and child development. The Department and its constituents organizations work in close co-operation with the social organizations and international agencies like UNICEF, World Bank, UNFPA etc. to achieve the goals of development of women and children. The Department is implementing various schemes for overall development of women and children under state sector, central sector and with assistance of international agencies.

Year Expd. ( lac) Achievement (No of beneficiaries)
2007-08 97.3516229 AWW, 16200 Helpers
2008-09 410.60 17444 AWW, 17192 Helpers
2009-10 412.28 17444 AWW, 17192 Helpers
2010-11 410.31 17444 AWW, 17192 Helpers
2011-12 409.42 17444 AWW, 17192 Helpers
2012-13(12/12) 255.97 21186 AWWs, 21475Helpers
Total 1995.93
2012-13 Budget 400.00