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About Us

is working independently since the bifurcation of Social Welfare Department in the year 1992.The Department is implementing a number of schemes for the care, protection and rehabilitation of socially under privileged.Earlier the Social Justice & Empowerment Department was working within a very small area having few welfare schemes.Now, it has expanded its area of schemes and has implemented schemes since the creation of the Departments covering beneficiariesbelonging to urban as well as rural areas. At present, the Department is implementing a number of schemes for the welfare oforphan/destitute children, juveniles in conflict with law, Widows, destitute women and their dependents, mentally retarded children,the blind, deaf & dumb in the state. Besides, the welfare of vulnerable groups of the society, the Department is also providingsocial security and economical assistance to the Senior Citizen, Widows and Handicapped of the States in the form of monthlypension who are unable to sustain themselves from their own resources and are in need of financial assistance. During the currentyear approximate number of beneficiaries under various welfare pension schemes is approximately 14 Lacs..

To achieve the goals and objectives set for welfare and social security, every year over Rs.575.00 crores budget is being spenton different schemes. 20 District Social Welfare Offices and 11 residential institutions are working in the field where DistrictSocial Welfare Officers and concerned Superintendents are monitoring and implementing all the welfare schemes of the Government.


1 Chief Minister, Haryana Chairman
2 Minister, Social Welfare, Haryana Senior Vice-Chairman
3 Secretary to Govt., Haryana, Women & Child Development Department Vice-Chairman
4 Director, Women & Child Development Department, Haryana Secretary
5 Commissioner, Rohtak Devision, Rohtak Member
6 Deputy Commissioner, Karnal Member
7 Deputy Commissioner, Sonipat Member
8 Director of Agriculture, Haryana Member
9 Director of Industries, Haryana Member
10 Director, Elementary Education, Haryana Member
11 Director, Secondary Education, Haryana Member

Functions and Services

to bring up as well as look after education of the orphan and helpless children of Haryana State.This organization is run by the Board of Trustees, under the chairmanship of respected chief minister of Haryana.The children of age between 7 and 12 yrs are admitted in Bal Bhawan Madhuban, Karnal. At present 80 orphans and helpless children are being looked after in this organization.The expenditure on bringing up, education and health care etc on children is borne by the organization.All the children of this organization get their education in the Govt. Primary and Govt. High School situated in near its premises where education is well planned

Admission Rules

Admissions of Orphan and Destitute Children in the goup of 7 to 12 years and belonging Haryana State are made inHaryana Rajya Bal Bhawan, Madhuban, Karnal according to the following criteria:-

1. Children who do not have either parents or near relation.

2. Children who are found without any home or settled place of abode or any other ostensible means of subsistence.

3. Children of single parent families deprived of adequate family care due to death, desertion, prolonged-illness, andimprisonment of one of the parent and where the income of the family is less than Rs. 20,000/- per annual.

Sources of Income

1 Grant-in-Aid from Women & Child Development Department, Haryana,
2 Rent of Buildings
3 Lease Money of Agriculture Land
4 Interest on Saving Account
5 Interest on Fixed Deposits
6 Income from Sale of Trees
7 Donation in Cash
8 Donation in Kind
9 Misc. Receipt from Sale of Old Material

Working Staff

S.No. Name Designation Date of joining
1 Sh. Manoj Kumar, Principal, (Additional Charge) 10-07-2012
2 Sh. Rajbir Singh, Accountant 12-09-1983
3 Km. Kamlesh Mehta, Clerk-cum-Typist 30-11-1989
4 Sh. Gurminder Singh, Office Associate (H.Q.) 01-11-2012
5 Sh. Jasbir Singh, Clerk-cum-Store-keeper 01-11-1995
6 Sh. Neeraj Panwar, Hostel Supervisor . 28-01-2013
7 Sh. Satpal, Supervisor Matric 01-07-2013
8 Sh. Subhash Singh, Peon Ninth Pass 27-06-1979
9 Sh. Ramdhani, Peon (H.Q.) 04-12-1989
10 Sh. Suresh Kumar, Chowkidar Ninth Pass 01-10-1984
11 Sh. Dhan Singh, Sweeper 23-01-1980
12 Sh. Ombir Singh, Sweeper 21-06-1986
13 Sh. Ramkishan, Mali 01-12-1988
14 Sh. Ramnath, Cook 01-12-1995
15 Sh. Kesar Thapa, Cook 01-11-1996
16 Sh. Jagdish Parshad, Cook on Contract Basis -
17 Sh. Tejbir , Barber (Part-time) -


Contact Us

The DirectorWomen and Child Development Department Bays 15-20 Sector 4 Panchkula Haryana

Phone:2704212 FAX: 2702749